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War between Ukraine and Russia, today's news. The USA: “We will strengthen Kiev’s air defense.” Missile hits Kharkiv, school hits

Attack on Kharkiv, at night. A school was hit and other buildings were damaged. There were five victims and 115 injured in yesterday's Russian attacks. And 250,000 citizens without electricity in Kiev. Ukrainian Defense Minister Umerov points the finger at Moscow for “deliberately attacking civilians.” The USA has agreed with Kiev to strengthen Ukraine's air defense. The spate of attacks is also stoking new fears in Poland, which has sent four F-16s to its eastern border. “No hope for short-term negotiations,” explains the French UN ambassador.

The war in Ukraine, what is there to know?

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The Governor of Belgorod: Ukrainian drones against the region

Ukraine has launched a drone attack on Belgorod, the governor of the border region with Ukraine said, adding that several drones were destroyed while approaching the city of Belgorod, the region's administrative center.


Zelensky: 500 Russian missiles and drones in 5 days

Russia has fired over 500 missiles and drones over Ukraine in the last five days: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on 'Drones against Ukraine. Before Ukraine, no country in the world had ever successfully repelled such attacks in combination with the use of drones and missiles, including air-launched ballistic missiles. Today alone, ten Kinzhals were shot down,” emphasized Zelensky, referring to Russian hypersonic missiles.


Rocket hits Kharkiv, school hits

A Russian missile hit one of the schools in the Osnovyansk district of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine: the official Ukrainian radio reported about it on Telegram. Part of the two-story building collapsed in the attack. The rocket also damaged at least three nearby houses.


The USA will strengthen Ukrainian air defense

The United States has agreed with the Kiev government to strengthen Ukraine's air defense, including in light of yesterday's Russian missile attack on Kiev with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles: the Ukrainian presidential adviser said: Andry Yermakafter a telephone conversation with the White House National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan. “We discussed the consequences of the recent large-scale bombardment of the territory of Ukraine by the Russian Federation with various types of missile weapons and kamikaze drones of the Shahed type,” Yermak said, adding that he briefed Sullivan on the “results of the …” have work of Ukraine's air defense system, which has shot down the vast majority of enemy air targets, including Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles.” The US “recognizes the importance of strengthening Ukraine's air defense,” the official continued.


Sunak to Zelensky: “We will continue to support you in 2024”

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakhe assured the president with a telephone call Volodymyr Zelensky that the UK “will continue to strongly support Ukraine in its fight against aggression and occupation in 2024 and beyond”, after the recent massive Russian attack left five dead and scores injured. Downing Street said in a statement that Sunak “highlighted the UK's efforts to provide military and diplomatic support to Ukraine, particularly through new arms supplies.”

War between Ukraine and Russia today39s news The USA We