Baseball another son of Vladimir Guerrero in major baseball

Baseball: another son of Vladimir Guerrero in major baseball

Vladi Miguel Guerrero, son of Vladimir Guerrero Sr. and brother of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., has joined the New York Mets organization.

Baseball America magazine learned this on Monday, during the opening of the international signing period in major baseball.

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Vladi Miguel Guerrero is a 17-year-old young man who plays first base.

“He's a very interesting candidate, especially in hitting, where he could have an impact,” said an international scout for a National League team in an interview with the New York Post newspaper.

“It’s more of a strong profile than an offensive one. “He’s not as pure a hitter as Vlad Jr., but he has the same concerns about having to take care of his body,” added the man, who insisted on remaining anonymous.

Unlike his brother, who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, the rookie is left-handed.

In 2012, TMZ learned that Vladimir Guerrero Sr. has nine children, including five boys, with five different women. Another of his sons, Pablo Guerrero, signed a contract with the Texas Rangers organization in January 2023.