BBB 23 After the party on the bathroom floor Sarah

BBB 23: After the party, on the bathroom floor, Sarah Aline and Larissa point out the “why” and are suspicious of the duo: “T…


The participants found that the room was completely dirty

By Ana Lima

01/28/2023 11:38 BRT

01/28/2023 11:38 BRT

BBB: Sarah and Larissa discover vomit on the floor and suspect a duo© Pictures 1 and 2 Reproduction/TV GloboBBB: Sarah and Larissa discover vomit on the floor and suspect a duo

Last Friday evening (27.01.) in Big brother Brazil was marked by another party that lasted until dawn with most of the attendees still standing. In a night of discussions, intrigues and the formation of new couples, the topic gave way on this Saturday morning (January 28th).

However, the theme wasn’t the best while Larissa and Sarah Aline They waited their turn roentgenThe bathroom of the house is full of puke, the analyst shared: “Alface (Ricardo) is mad at the bathroom, which stinks very much”. Larissa agreed: “Friend, I went to the toilet and couldn’t get in because of the smell of vomit”.

Then the PE teacher pointed out who would be responsible for the smell: “It was Bruno and Bruna, the Sertaneja duo,” he said. Surprised, Sarah asked for more details: “You just threw up in the bathroom, right? It seems that Facin was looking at the ground”.

Larissa then revealed she didn’t know exactly where it had been: “I don’t know do you my friend? It could be that they threw up on the floor.” Eventually, Sarah explained that Bruno would help clean up the mess, ending with the teacher being irritated by the situation: “Now that I remember, I am angry”.