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What are the must-watches on the Crave platform? Be inspired by the suggestions of our journalists.

Posted yesterday at 5pm


The last of us

The Last of Us is by far the best work of a video game that we have seen. In fact, after watching five of the nine episodes, it’s safe to say that this is just great television, whatever its inspiration. From the start we’re hooked on authentic characters and a lengthy action sequence worthy of your worst nightmares.

Pascal LeBlanc

The scammers

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The cheater is characterized by its well-tempered dialogues, in which several social issues are addressed. The masks fall over discussions about diversity, dealing with older people, romantic relationships. In short, we’re offered a sparkling look at human nature and its gray areas. The success of this niche film is also due to the impressive actors who subtly modulate the nuances of a unique score.

Marc Andre Lussier

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

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The film, directed by Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last month, looks back on Leonard Cohen’s youth and beginnings, and charts the key stages of his career. Inspired by a book by Alan Light called The Holy and the Broken, the directors are sensitive to the rich material at their disposal. Her film draws on interviews with a number of Cohen’s relatives and associates, provides rich archival footage (many interviews with the artist) and touching clips from concerts.

Alexandre Vigneault


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Maigret is a very beautiful film that praises the ‘normal’ man and woman. This is a cinematic work, with its clean framing, its refined artistic direction, its references to Godard, Hitchcock and the silent film. Patrice Leconte draws a touching, sober and shady film with finesse and sensitivity. A fleece at its best.

Luca Boulanger

meet me in the bathroom

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“Meet Me in the Bathroom,” from his book of the same name, chronicles the rise of the Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Interpol, who refused to let their late-night New York date be anything but exciting. . While the documentary’s directors likely had access to a generous amount of archives – the film is woven solely from footage of the period – these behind-the-scenes images are imbued with an almost old-fashioned frankness.

Dominik Spaet

The real family

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Maternal souls with sensitive hearts, be warned. This little gem of a movie is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. Of particular note are the spontaneous and so well felt dialogues and the acting of the actors (both adults and children), of infinite mastery.

Silvia Galipeau


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Ice cold to the point of uneasiness, the story of the film Les Innocents unfolds a heavy tension that initially seems subdued, but then gradually draws towards the viewer. Despite certain clichés associated with the use of shadows and sound effects, the tense and insidious atmosphere enhances the sense of loneliness already maximized by the slow rhythm and superb photography that delights in filming dark and desolate places will. .

Martin Gignac, special collaboration

Noemie says yes

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Geneviève Albert is doing us a favor with her first feature film, Noémie dit oui. Youth prostitution is shown to us with a heartbreaking realism that evokes strong emotion, then reflection. We come out destabilized but also alarmed.

Marissa Groghe