BBB 23: Gustavo confesses that he didn’t have sex with Key in the Leader’s Room Splash

Collaboration for Splash, in São Paulo

02/17/2023 19:34 Updated on 02/17/2023 19:34

Despite shifting the bedspread several times, Gustavo confessed that he did not have sex with Key Alves in BBB 23 (Globo)’s Leader’s Room.

Talking to Fred, Cara de Sapato and Larissa at the pool, the farmer said he wanted to, but nothing happened.

Shoe: “You have to talk a lot because no one wanted to go into the room with you”

Schuh continues: “You can’t do anything here, don’t even come, it’s full of cameras”

Gustavo: “We didn’t actually do anything. Not that I don’t feel like it.”

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