Laval shooting broken restaurant workers

Laval shooting: “broken” restaurant workers

Employees at a restaurant in Laval “thought they were dying” when a gunman wearing a balaclava burst into them on Thursday night and shot at a customer, the owner confided.

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“My employees are completely broken. On Friday, one of my waitresses took three hours to get out of the bathroom because she was too traumatized,” laments American Rubs BBQ restaurant owner Stéphane Pelletier, who wasn’t sure at the time of the tragedy.

At around 7pm, a suspect dressed all in black entered the restaurant on Boulevard Dagenais Ouest and shot a seated customer.

“A waitress was serving a customer when she received a projectile fragment on her shoe after the suspect fired,” Mr Pelletier said.

A horror scene

The shooter reportedly used the panic that set in after the shot to flee, leaving a pool of blood in his wake.

The victim, a man in his 40s, was being treated for a gunshot wound. However, according to the Laval Police Service (SPL), there is no fear for his life.

“We are really shaken. My employees thought they were going to die. It will take time, but we will support them in this,” says Stéphane Pelletier.

collateral sacrifice

The owner claims his restaurant had nothing to do with Thursday night’s incident. “It was a deliberate act aimed at a specific person. When the shooter walked in, he didn’t hesitate. He knew exactly where the victim was,” he said.

Although there is officially only one casualty, all those present during the tragedy were affected by the shooting, explains Mr. Pelletier.

“It’s difficult. Of course it will affect our business directly. We already have canceled reservations for the next few weeks,” he regrets.