BBB 24 Deniziane39s sister comments on her sister39s relationship with

BBB 24: Deniziane's sister comments on her sister's relationship with Matteus: “As far as the game is concerned, I'm a little worried

The first kiss in between Deniziane It is Matthew At the “BBB24“gave people something to talk about even outside of reality. So much so that, sister's twin sister, DenizienHe decided to talk about the couple and expressed his opinion about their romance.

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In an interview with GShow, the contestant's twin said that she loved seeing the two together and that she was eager for them to pair up soon. However, she was worried about how they would play from now on.

“Well, I really like Matteus, I followed the kiss, yes, it was beautiful. I'm just afraid of the game. But Matheus turns out to be a very nice person, with a similar personality to her. You have a very good heart, don't you? That's why I believe it will be good. But when it comes to the game, I’m a little worried,” she said.

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Matteus and Deniziane finally kiss during the final party of the reality show (Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay)

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Deniziane and Matteus kissed during the last “BBB 24” party

At the last party of “BBB24“, which took place on Saturday (27), Deniziane It is Matthew They couldn't resist the temptations and finally had their first kiss.

The moment was a real movie scene, with the two kissing amidst people screaming and celebrating. Alane even joked with the couple, saying: “It's not going to stop now either.”