Julie Ringuette tells how she met Pascal Morrissette was

Julie Ringuette tells how she met Pascal Morrissette | was saved from a hospital visit Hollywoodpq.com – HollywoodPQ

Julie Ringuette was present on the set of the show TV children this week to revisit certain moments in his career, and during that interview we were treated to a somewhat surprising anecdote.

It was during filming with her lover Pascal Morrissetteon the show À nous 2 Canada!, shortly after the birth of her first daughter, half of whom she admitted she couldn't remember.

From to Mom brainit seems, In addition to the fact that I have flown by plane many times!

The actress and presenter then shared a moment both funny and painful about forgetting her breast pump for 14 hours, and of course without her daughter…

“I go to the toilet. My eyes (…) are white, white, white. I'm hurting so much and my friend says to me: Are you okay, Julie? Then, you know the little trembling lip… and then I said: Pascal, if I don't go to the toilet and empty my breasts, I'm going to the hospital (…) It was rock hard,” confides Julie.

She then tried to remedy the situation in the bathroom, but given the impossibility, it was Pascal who had to help her.

An episode in her life that she describes as not very attractive, especially since Pascal was disgusted by the idea of ​​drinking her milk… although he eventually solved the problem!

“It is the greatest declaration of love he has ever made to me. The problem is that when we've been in the bathroom for 20 minutes, the techs on the other side of the door say, “Hey, they could have stopped themselves!” Julie ends with humor.