39BBB 2439 Poll Divided Between Villain and Plant Check out

'BBB 24' Poll: Divided Between Villain and Plant; Check out a partial view of the wall

This Sunday, the 21st, the result of the fourth wall of “BBB 24” will be shown. The spotlight is on Nizam Hayek, Giovanna Pitel It is Raquel Cardozo. But the public is divided between two of them.

Nizam and Raquel from “BBB 24”

Nizam and Raquel from “BBB 24”

Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo / Mais Novela

For many, Nizam is considered the villain of the house. Raquel is seen as a plant. The two have the most votes to remain. Therefore, according to Notícias da TV's survey, Pitel is the one who should leave the attraction.

This Sunday morning there were more than 59,000 votes in the poll. Pitel only has 15.49% of the audience's intention to continue the game. Nizam has 40.33% of the vote and Ráculo continues to lead the wall with 44.17%.

UOL survey

The UOL poll showed a narrower result: Pitel is also in last place, but has 28.49% of the vote. Nizam has 34.8% and Ráculo has 36.72% of viewer preferences. Keep in mind that the polls are not scientific in nature and simply represent a trend from reality fans.