The CEO of a major company falls to his death

The CEO of a major company falls to his death on stage – TVA Nouvelles

The CEO of an IT company died after falling 15 feet on stage during a major performance.

The incident occurred in India when Vistex was celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Asia subsidiary. CEO Sanjay Shah and Chairman Vishwanath Rahy Datla had planned a grand entrance in an iron cage that slowly sank to the ground.

Everything quickly turned into tragedy when one of the cables gave way, throwing the two men to the ground 15 feet underground, as seen in a video shared on social media.

Sanjay Shah fell headfirst onto the stage and succumbed to his injuries. For his part, Vishwanath Rahy Datla suffered serious injuries and remains in a critical condition, the Times of India reported, as reported by the New York Post.

“Shah and Raju's descent from the cage to the podium was a planned event to kick off the celebrations,” a company official told the media outlet.