BBB 24 The influence of Rodriguinho and Wanessa turns Yasmin

BBB 24: The influence of Rodriguinho and Wanessa turns Yasmin into a plant Splash

Between episodes, Yasmin Brunet complained about Rodriguinho's statements about his binge eating on BBB 24 (Globo), but did not confront her brother. Earlier in the season, the sister also had a disagreement with Vanessa Lopes, who preferred not to delve further into the Gabriel Medina issue.

Chico classified Yasmine as a plant. “I think she started out as a protagonist, and at this moment she's a plant. For a few days she hasn't had much intention other than criticizing Rodriguinho for the comments he makes about her.”

I think her relationship with Rodriguinho, with Wanessa Camargo, who is also more on the brakes […] Does this affect the performance of what we would really like to see from Yasmin? Chico Barney

Central Splash commentator Bárbara Saryne disagreed. “I still wouldn't say it's a plant, but I think it's coming to an end. She didn't know how to take advantage of the plan in place, and perhaps she saw Maycon's departure as an end to it. “History”

I think Wanessa, because she's very political, I've sometimes seen her say, “I'm glad you're here.” [Yasmin] and Rodriguinho are here'. I think this sentence is powerful and expresses Yasmin's “I need to be here with them.” Barbara Saryne