BBB 2439s first elimination Maycon leaves the reality show

BBB 24's first elimination: Maycon leaves the reality show

And now here they are, the opponents in the first Paredão. And then this very emotional moment that will surely stay in their memory forever, that could create such a cool connection between them, now one can help end the other's dream. Giovanna still has a broken foot… Or they can both survive if Yasmin is eliminated. In fact, it was Yasmin who chose Maycon to create Paredão. Then the curiosity is different. Imagine Yasmin leaving the show today, knowing that if she had voted more carefully, she might not even be on Paredão. And then she wouldn't experience that pain, that anxiety, that fear of not leaving BBB so soon, before she had the time she wanted to achieve her original goal: to show who she really is and isn't, what the gossip says. Anyone who leaves today could leave without understanding why. Did you do something? You don't even know. Or maybe deep down it's just your style. Sometimes at BBB the whole house has an opinion about a certain player and out here you think the opposite. That is not the case now. A dream sometimes dies, yes. Come here, Maycon.