BBB 2439s Puxadinho participant becomes a laughingstock on the Internet

BBB 24's Puxadinho participant becomes a laughingstock on the Internet: “Useless person TV news

Jorge Mateus Viana hasn't even entered BBB 24 yet and has already become a laughing stock on social media. In the presentation video of the Puxadinho participant, shown on Fantástico on Sunday (7), the 31yearold explained that his mother does everything for him and that he is looking for a “big mother” in the reality show. The speech sparked negative comments online.

“What a worthless person!!!,” said X user (formerly Twitter) Sandra Valente. “How can a 31yearold madman say on national television, 'My mother does everything for me'? What bothers me is that no one forced him to do this. He chose it,” said Guilherme Pinheiro.

“He still thinks it's beautiful and has the courage to say he needs a replacement girl in the house. He thinks it’s super normal, what torture,” commented Fernanda Medeiros. “A bum with a diploma,” said Leandro Barros.

Jorge Mateus is a dentist and lives in Recife, Pernambuco. In the presentation video he says: “I like what I do, but I don't love it. I immediately get back pain. My mother does everything for me. She organizes my things, makes my bed, makes my food.” “She puts the food in front of me. I have to find my way and find a mother there who will take care of me.”

The boy still brags about being good at flirting. “I’m good at hexing and flirting. I love it when they say, 'For God's sake, Jorge Mateus,'” based on the catchy line from country duo Jorge & Mateus.

“I will give myself 100% to the game. I will use all my chips my way. And whatever God wants,” he concludes. Checkout:

The audience will choose a woman and a man to participate in the Globo reality show this Monday (8) during the premiere of the new edition. The 18 participants announced on the Big Day will then vote live to bring six more candidates from the extra group into play. The two people chosen by the public will be imprisoned with immunity for the first week. In total, the edition will include 26 people.

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