BBB24 Wanessa Camargo says she 39received a message39 about behavior

BBB24: Wanessa Camargo says she 'received a message' about behavior on reality show; Watch

BBB24: Wanessa Camargo reveals her dream, says she received a message and explains why she no longer insists on Davi; watch (Photos: Reproduction/ TV Globo)

Wanessa Camargo (29) announced this Monday that she received news about the “BBB 24” game… in a dream. Speaking to Yasmin Brunet outside, the singer said she saw several details about the events in the house, including the day it is scheduled to be eliminated. In addition, she said the message she saw in the dream that caused her to change her behavior towards David.

“I'm going to try not to get in a heap because I've been given this message: I'm not supposed to get in a heap,” she began. The sister explained that she saw that she would be leaving the reality show on February 11th. “In this dream where I was walking and they were there, everyone who was leaving was sitting on the sofa. Pizane, Nizam…” she commented.

“Wasn’t I?” asked Yasmin. Wanessa then replied no. “And I just heard this: 'Don't put yourself in other people's piles, don't join the pile.' Shape the way you see the world. Even when your form is being judged, if people don't believe in you, they think it's like, “Whatever, do what you do,” the artist said.

“It’s very easy to fall into a heap here,” replied the model. “No, and I fell and put it down, right?” Wanessa said. The incarcerated woman also explained why she created the impression she currently has of David. “Because when they told me things were bad, I started to see the connections and made my diagnosis as a manipulator. “That doesn’t change my point of view because the game is still going wrong, you see?” he concluded. Watch the full video of the moment below:

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Wanessa: “I will try not to fall into a heap because I was given this message: I should not fall into a heap.” #BBB24

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Despite the change in attitude towards Davi, Wanessa previously said that she was “afraid of violence” when dealing with her brother. In a chat with Isabelle, the imprisoned woman explained her reason for insisting on voting for the app driver even though he had already returned from other Walls. She also criticized his attitude towards the other participants.

“I can’t talk to someone like that. I feel violence. I'm afraid of violence. For me it is very easy to turn the key there. I don't know David. Of course he won't do anything here, but I don't know Davi. For me, for every man who screams like that, for me I disappear! It makes me genuinely afraid of violence. Well, I don’t like it,” analyzed the singer. Just look at the moment below:

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