BBB24 Wanessa Camargo talks about expanding her family with Dado

BBB24: Wanessa Camargo talks about expanding her family with Dado Dolabella and recalls her mother's boycott of the relationship; Watch

BBB24: Wanessa Camargo talks about expanding her family with Dado Dolabella and recalls her mother's boycott of the relationship; watch (Reproduction/Globoplay/Instagram)

This Sunday afternoon (21), Wanessa Camargo spoke about the possibility of expanding her family with Dado Dolabella. The singer admitted that she is thinking about it, but expressed doubts. At another point, the sister recalled how her mother, Zilu Godói, tried to boycott her relationship with the actor in the 2000s.

In the outdoor area of ​​the BBB 24 house, Wanessa revealed in a conversation with Michel, Alane, Isabelle and Yasmin Brunet whether she would like to have more children. She is already the mother of two boys: José Marcus, 12 years old, and João Francisco, 9 years old, from her previous marriage to businessman Marcus Buaiz.

The matter came to light when the geography teacher said that he was his parents' “early son,” meaning he was born many years after his brothers or after his parents married. “Yes, that could happen to me,” said the artist. “You want to have another one, don’t you?” Michel wanted to know.

“Yes, because I'm in a new relationship and we don't have children. We want it, but we don't know if we'll do it yet, you know?” Wanessa explained. “If so, it will work,” the brother encouraged. The 41yearold singer considered the decision due to her age. “It’s a different thing when you’re 40, man. Running after the baby…” she remarked. “You would still be in your 30s [anos]?” asked Yasmin.

“Totally,” Camarote said. “But when I turned 38, 39, I started staying,” she admitted. Michel soon realized that no matter the choice, it could be something sudden. “My mother was scared, you know, Wanessa? Nobody expected this. I was at the beginning of menopause and recovery,” Pipoca said. Regard:

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Wanessa Camargo talks about having a child with Dado Dolabella

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Boycott dating

This morning, Wanessa Camargo also recalled how Zilu tried to boycott her relationship with Dado Dolabella when they were first together. According to the singer, her mother was worried about how long she spent talking to the actor back when she was 18 years old.

“The battery on my cell phone was empty and I could no longer make calls. I spent more than a day not being able to talk to anyone,” he revealed. “Then do you know what I found? “A piece of paper between the battery and the phone is what you could do back then,” he continued, explaining Zilu’s strategy to avoid excessive contact between them.

According to Wanessa, her mother prioritized responsibility over dating. “She didn't have any problems with him yet, it was just that… My discipline was important to her, right? Don’t sleep late, study,” he concluded.

Dado and Wanessa have been together since December last year (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Wanessa and Dado had a tumultuous relationship in the 2000s and were surprised to see their relationship rekindled some 20 years after the breakup. The two only publicly announced their relationship in December 2022, seven months after Wanessa's split from her exhusband Marcus Buaiz.

Zezé Di Camargo's daughter had already explained herself to her boyfriend on the reality show TV Globo. Right at the beginning of BBB 24, the artist explained that she feels connected to Dado, or rather, “almost married.” “I am very committed. “I’m not married, but I’m almost married because it’s a very serious relationship, very committed, very loving, everything really,” Wanessa said with emotion. Remember:

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Wanessa Camargo says she is very committed, almost married AAAAAAAAA #BBB24

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