Beard Web speculates about the real reason for Deniziane and

Beard? Web speculates about the real reason for Deniziane and Matteus' separation

02/15/2024 8:22 p.m., updated 02/15/2024 8:22 p.m

Deniziane and Matteus had a beautiful affair on BBB 24. They had a common interest, they stayed together, but everything fell apart. Last Wednesday (February 14), the brother decided to shave his beard and coincidentally, his lover decided to end the relationship.

She stated that she felt pressured and did not want to have an affair on the reality show, but netizens attributed the end of the relationship to Matteus' sudden change in appearance without a beard and mustache. Then memes took over the internet. Look here!

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Effects of the separation of Deniziane and Matteus

Matteus and Deniziane had a serious conversation about the end of the relationship and the sister asked him to continue sleeping in the same bed, which he refused. “I can’t do it, there’s no way. “It’s a couple thing, we’re not a couple,” he said. He then apologized for getting too involved in the relationship. and went to her room to cry.


When Fernanda noticed the situation, she carefully assessed the end. “I found it a huge lack of consideration and respect for Deniziane to talk badly about Matteus in front of everyone in the house before breaking up with him straight away. It’s obvious he likes her and she’s taking advantage of him, it seems like she just took advantage of his good heart.”

Rodriguinho, for his part, preferred to focus on changing Matteus' appearance, explaining that the gaucho looked like a “sad teddy bear” without a beard. “The little guy shaved his beard and no one praised it,” he said when commenting on the split.

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