Christopher Nolan Gives Denis Villeneuve a Boost for Release of

“Dune: second part”: Very praising initial reactions on social networks

Two weeks before the release of the highly anticipated film Dune: Part TwoThe first reactions to Denis Villeneuve's new film have just fallen on social networks. And they are thrilled…

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“Spectacular”, “impressive”, “stunning”… A shower of glowing superlatives began to flood the X platform (formerly Twitter) when the social media embargo was lifted on Thursday after the film's world premiere in London.

Several critics even called Denis Villeneuve's new work a “masterpiece” and emphasized that this second part of the saga is better than the first film released in 2021.

“Dune: Part II is frankly impressive,” wrote Gregory Ellwood of The Playlist on X.

“Villeneuve creates truly visionary moments,” he added, highlighting Austin Butler’s performance and the film’s “very moving” ending.

The same goes for Jazz Tangkay, journalist at the trade magazine Variety.

“Dune: Part II is a grand epic, a masterclass […]. “Denis Villeneuve has delivered his masterpiece by directing one of the best science fiction films for generations to come,” she writes.

Jordan Farley from the trade site Total Film was “overwhelmed” by Dune: Part Two. I've found [le second film] even more haunting and moving than the first, he notes.

Since the film spans 2 hours and 40 minutes, one might have expected that it would be too long for some. Critic Steven Weintraub from the Collider website thinks the opposite is true!

“I really loved Dune 2 […]. My only complaint is that I wish it lasted longer. I am not joking. I would have been happy to watch for another hour.”

Dune: Part Two will be released in Quebec on March 1st.