because it is very bad news for Putin Neutral Stockholm

because it is very bad news for Putin. Neutral Stockholm and the war with San Marino

Sweden in NATO, here we are: After the long-awaited OK from Hungary, the Atlantic Pact is ready to accept the 32nd allied country, which is not good news for Putin, who, after the attack on Ukraine, has already called for Sweden to join Finland had initiated.

With the arrival of historically neutral Stockholm, the NATO flag will fly over the entire Scandinavian peninsula, which has always made life difficult for Russia. Sweden's neutrality has been the historical hallmark of its foreign policy since the mid-18th century, and only support (or at least non-hostility) towards Nazi Germany has temporarily tarnished its coat of arms. Although Sweden did not enter the war, it hosted many refugee Jews during World War II, particularly from Denmark.

Although Sweden's centuries-old non-war preparedness is compromised by the state of war with San Marino, which only recently ended after a 300-year dispute (see this story below), all Western analysts agree that they attach great importance to Sweden's entry into NATO in this Time of high tension. For Putin it is a double blow, because one of the reasons for the invasion of Ukraine was the defense of the borders of Mother Russia, which is now being put under even greater pressure by the states of the Atlantic Pact. For him, NATO expansion is a blatant geopolitical failure. And doubly so, because on the field the Swedish armed forces (on land, in the air and at sea) are remarkable in every respect.