Dune Part Two Better than the first

“Dune: Part Two”: Better than the first

The full impact of a film occurs when all of its components work together, taking you on a journey full of emotions and, at best, leaving more questions than answers, sparking interesting conversations among viewers.

It's a shame that major production companies have recently stopped giving importance to a good narrative, which in turn is highlighted by direction, cinematography, soundtrack, etc. The bad habit of relying on formulaic strategies because they “work” has been adopted.

Be that as it may, director Denis Villeneuve shows with his new project “Dune: Part Two” that the film industry is far from finished. Its effectiveness is so great that at a certain point of emotion I felt like I was getting up from my chair. Excitement, intrigue, action and special effects are on another level in this new chapter of this science fiction saga.

The film tells the story of Paul Atreides, the fallen prince of one of the most powerful houses in the Empire, and his journey across the desert planet Arrakis. Paul continues to fall in love with the Fremen people and their culture while developing his revenge plan against the Empire, the monarchy that murdered his father. He is also confronted with a prophecy from the Fremen, who believe that Paul is the one chosen to turn their planet into a paradise.

Although I found the first part of the film a bit slow at times, it was clear to me that something big was approaching beneath the surface and that was what really caught my attention. But never in a million years did I expect this second chapter to impact me so much. I have no doubt that these films will be included in the list of the best war and science fiction projects of all time.

There are too many incredible sequences in this sequel. But to name just one: I highlight the moment when the protagonist manages to ride a sandworm, a creature native to Arrakis. The energy of this scene serves as a good introduction to the rest of the film.

The performances are very good, but Timothée Chalamet's in the role of Paul Atreides stands out incredibly. If his previous performances haven't impressed you or you think you already know his talent, don't miss the opportunity to see him here because you haven't seen anything yet. Chalamet transforms himself in Dune: Part Two and continues to establish himself as one of the best young actors in the industry.

Zendaya also does an excellent job and Austin Butler's introduction to this world proves ideal. His character Feyd-Rautha symbolically functions as a dark and deformed version of Atreides, which makes for an interesting dynamic at the time of their confrontation.

The war scenes are on a level we haven't seen in a Hollywood project for a long time, and the rhythm of the soundtrack, the camera angles and the scope of the cinematography heighten the emotions.

“Dune: Part Two” opens in cinemas across the island today.