Beppe Vessicchio and farewell to Amici after years the truth

Beppe Vessicchio and farewell to Amici, after years the truth: “I was without …” Newsby

Beppe Vessicchio spoke about his departure from the talent show Amici, which took place many years ago and the news of which caught the attention of many people across Italy. The conductor actually broke his silence about it.

It definitely is Vessicchio one of the most popular faces of the Italian public. Born in Naples, in fact, he has collected numerous participations in the Sanremo Festival and was also a teacher and artistic director of the well-known program Amici di Maria De Filippi. His talent and wisdom immediately managed to win the hearts of the audience, who never missed the opportunity to attend his performances and music lessons.

Beppe Vessicchio and his departure from Amici (photo by ansa)

What is the reason why Beppe left Vessicchio Amici? He himself thought of breaking the silence and revealing the whole truth.

Beppe Vessicchio said goodbye to Amici for a reason

Fifteen years have now passed since Maestro Vessicchio last entered the television studio of Amici, the talent show he contributed to increase its exposure on the Italian small screen. In fact, the director took part in the cast of the talent show from 2001-2012, then returned there in 2018-2020. It was Maestro Beppe a good music teacher and conductor, who taught a great deal to the many students who have passed through the doors of this program. During a recent interview, Vessicchio spoke closely about the TV time that has allowed him to do a lot of work on the small screen. Popularity on television came thanks to Amici and other programs in which he participated. “A widespread, capillary popularity‘ he continued, ‘flatteringly, I won’t hide it’.

Beppe Vessicchio to Amici (photo by Ansa)

However, the same confessed that during this period he felt as if he had taken a highway on which he was doing things out of idleness, out of duty and without work. The television routine then hit a snag for a variety of reasons, including a character change, leading to this left the Amici talent show for good. “At first I was lost and off balance,” the maestro continued, “but later I realized that without this sense of repetition, I could fertilize my music”. The conductor thus revealed that he resumed a piece he had begun to compose when he was a boy and that he started a series of collaborations that gave him a lot of satisfaction.

What does Vessicchio think of Amici?

The maestro had previously spoken of the change Amici would have had over time. “It’s not like it used to be,” he had actually said, “to resist on TV You need to know how to shed your skin. And Amici is doing well numerically”. The same then confessed to believing that the talent show is no longer producing anything and is going through a period of fatigue. In fact, Vessicchiò was speaking of the distant 2001 when Maria De Filippi called him to take part in a program called Saranno Famosi. “There was talk of characters with enormous cultural depth‘ the music teacher finally concluded.

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