Has health improved? Not even “Vítor Pereira’s motherinlaw” left the carnival; see

A man was spotted wearing a “Vitor Pereira’s motherinlaw” costume for this year’s carnival. The woman, Vitor’s wife’s mother, became an issue after the football player announced he was leaving Corinthians to attend to her health. However, just over a week later, Vitor began negotiations with Flamengo.

“I don’t go to a club, I don’t go anywhere. I’m going home, I have to help a little bit to offset the illness process of my motherinlaw who lives in my house, so I did go back there,” Vítor Pereira said at the time.

At the carnival, a night owl joked about the topic. The man was pictured in a long skirt, wig and headscarf. He even wore a plaque around his neck that declared the costume: “VP’s motherinlaw.”

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