Beterbiev in August in Quebec

Beterbiev in August in Quebec?

London or Montréal? That’s the question British boxing columnists have been asking for the last two months.

We were hoping the fight between Artur Beterbiev and Englishman Callum Smith would be presented in Quebec when Bob Arum won the auction against Matchroom and confirmed last week that Beterbiev would fight in front of his people in Quebec.

London or Montréal?

We probably jumped to conclusions too quickly. What if the real question now was Montreal or Quebec?

What if the answer was Quebec? The third week of August, Saturday 19th or maybe Saturday 26th if Top Rank and Matchroom can agree on a date. And get the blessing of the WBC, which gave Beterbiev a 90-day deadline.


Nobody wants to confirm anything. However, sources suggest that Camille Estephan and Martin Tremblay, president of Gestev and chief of the Videotron Center, have spoken to each other on several occasions. And would have even negotiated the core of an agreement between Top Rank, Eye of The Tiger Management and Gestev.

It wouldn’t be surprising. Camille Estephan was in London in January to defend Beterbiev’s title against Anthony Yarde. He has had several meetings with Bob Arum, Carl Moretti and CEO Brad Jacobs.

In addition, EOTTM and Top Rank have entered into an agreement to promote Arslanbek Makhmudov and Simon Kean’s contracts in the United States.

Before the pandemic, EOTTM held several galas at the Videotron Center. With great success.

And we already know that Videotron is the main sponsor of EOTTM and the group is already doing good business with Gestev, who runs the cabaret at Casino de Montréal.


Martin Tremblay and Gestev have been interested in Artur Beterbiev for years. We’ve probably forgotten, but it was the pandemic that prevented the presentation of Artur Beterbiev’s fight against Fenlong Meng at the Videotron Center. The press conference had already taken place and everything was ready.

Even I had my date with Meng on March 17, 2020 at her training camp in New Jersey. It was finally Jean Pascal who had the opportunity to defeat Meng in Tampa in May 2022.

I spoke to Martin Tremblay three times yesterday. He was polite enough to answer the phone, but all three times his response was unequivocal: “Out of respect for everyone, I will not comment.”

“Respect for all” means either the entire planet, or all of Quebec, or those involved in these negotiations. The third option is the best.


With Bob Arum and Top Rank in the deal and Gestev involved, that leaves only British promoter Eddie Hearn accepting the choice of Quebec and the date chosen.

Mr. Hearn knows Quebec very well. He stayed with the Bonne-Entente during the fight between Tony Bellew and Adonis Stevenson. The press conference ended with a crowd in the hotel kitchen.

Hearn was also present at the fight between James DeGale and Lucian Bute. He had predicted an easy win for DeGale, who had fought Bute for twelve rounds.

The real problem isn’t Eddie Hearn. This is the WBC’s 90-day deadline for Beterbiev to defend his title.

But the WBC has a very elastic conscience. We see it with Canelo Alvarez and Dimitri Bivol. Let’s say it’s 90 days stretching out.

There are too many items.

Barring a completely unforeseen obstacle, there would be Artur Beterbiev versus Callum Smith at the Videotron Center. August 19 or 26, depending on the ESPN network.

The Invisible Four

The Invisible Four. The headline was crossed out across the front page of the Toronto Sun. A stab in the heart of the Four Invisibles. Mitch Marner, William Nylander, John Tavares and especially Auston Matthews, the 60-goal star who sticks like a tube of Krazy Glue.

All of Toronto and all of America talked about the volley the Sun and its columnist Steve Simmons gave the Leafs.

Mitch Marner and Matthews said in Florida that they don’t read newspapers or listen to radio or television reporters. yeah thing They didn’t know. Little did they know they were being called lazy on the front page. Little did they know they couldn’t afford to return to Toronto with their heads down and their bodies aching after a four-game elimination.


Toronto Fefans are furious. Not against the Fabulous Four, who together make more than 40 million. Not against the choqueux. No, they want Steve Simmons’ head. A petition was started to get my old comrade fired.

Éric Duhaime has reached 40,000 signatures, according to the latest news, the petition against Simmons has been blocked at 49 signatures.

But fans should thank The Sun. It’s a tremendous boost of motivation that the newspaper has given the Maple Leafs. Additionally, the Leafs’ two goals were scored by two of the four invisibles.

This can be a real problem in Montreal. Maybe the players are too comfortable. Too calm. You can finish season 27 and still be beautiful, nice, and good.

A few good volleys could help them strengthen their bodies next season.

Especially since there will be no Connor Bedard to dream of.

Les eaux seront plus agitees pour le Canadien lan prochain