Betrayed by Marcelo Courrege Renata Heilborn goes to a party

Betrayed by Marcelo Courrege, Renata Heilborn goes to a party during Carnival, sends indirect messages and the network reacts: “Much better than the others

Renata Heilborn enjoys the carnival party after uncovering the betrayal of Marcelo Courrege and his exgirlfriend Carol Barcellos.

Renata Heilborn enjoys the carnival party after uncovering the betrayal of Marcelo Courrege and his exgirlfriend Carol Barcellos.

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The current controversy on the Internet is the problematic separation of sports journalists Renata Heilborn It is Marcelo Courrege. Betrayed by her exhusband Carol BarcellosAs one of the bridesmaids, the celebrity got tired of complaining on the internet and decided to enjoy a Carnival block the best way: by partying.

After discovering her exhusband's betrayal due to his mistake, Renata Heilborn published new photos in a threesome in Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by friends and special people. In the caption, the journalist emphasized her freedom and even made a subtle reference to her exhusband and exgirlfriend.

“I have already asked God to live by love. Now I want to live in carnival. Addicted to my freedom, chance, my friends and always the sound of Ludmilla. I want a vibrant life with glitter on my body. He can? And when you predict luck, you hit the nail on the head, right?” he wrote in the caption.

Although Renata Heilborn didn't comment further on the news about her exhusband, she still recorded the stories and showed her body full of glitter: “The world is ending and I'm thinking about how to get all this glitter out of my soul.” , she wrote.

Internet users defend Renata after the betrayal case

Supported by the Internet after the betrayal of Marcelo Courrege Carol Barcellos who broadcast an indirect message on national television this Wednesday (14), Renata Heilborn received great support from Internet users.

In her last publication, the journalist had thousands of comments praising her beauty and also exploding those who…

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