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Alberto Matano, waking up is one of the sweetest: huge joy at home | The news suddenly came to him tendendiviaggio

Alberto Matano and his sweet awakening. Now he has nothing to celebrate.

There is great joy in the beating heart Matano. The charming journalist and very successful Rai 1 presenter has been alive for some time his golden moment from every point of view. His marriage is going well And there is no shortage of personal and professional rewards. The audience loves itas well as colleagues.

Mara Venier, his esteemed colleague as well as a great lifelong friend who also played the role Master of ceremonies at his weddinghe wouldn't think it was so bad his legacy at the helm of Domenica In. She openly admitted this in various interviews. By the way, he often is a welcome guest in his historic Sunday container.

We admired him too Courtyard of the wonderful Milly Carlucci. It's no coincidence that he has been a celebrated trackside commentator for several years Dancing with the stars. However, his greatest commitment is to run Life Live daily, from Monday to Friday.

Alberto Matano, for him a very sweet awakening to say the least

For a few weeks it was also broadcast on Saturdays, but in this case it failed to impress the very strong competition from Mediaset. In fact, at this time it finds space on Canale 5 very correct which is always very popular with its exclusive offers. Not for free even on Sundays Aunt Mara manages to defeat the amazing Silvia Toffanin at the stock level.

However, for the record, it must be added that it was broadcast on the same channel shortly before Friends This is another program that is very popular and loved by Italians of all ages. Over and beyond the handsome Alberto has, as already rightly mentioned, something to celebrate. For him, it absolutely was one of the most beautiful and sweet awakenings ever.

Alberto Matano and the good newsAlberto Matano – tendediviaggio.it

He got a nice double

Basically, he has achieved the feat once again literally surpasses the good Myrta Merlino in terms of ratings who has been at the top since September Fifth afternoon. With the specials dedicated specifically to Sanremo, Matano has gone above and beyond. However, this happens practically every day, but it seems that lately he has even managed to stage it a strong doubling.

With the 'D'UrsoAs many on social media point out, this did not happen. Or rather, he usually won, but he couldn't tear it up in such a sensational way. In fact, it was she who had slightly higher hearing peaks at certain moments. In short, this is what it means to him another consecration and the demonstration of how much The great Italian public loves him.

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