Journalist Nathalia Santos is shot dead during an attempted robbery

Journalist Nathalia Santos is shot dead during an attempted robbery as she leaves Sapucaí in RJ

Nathalia Santos is shot during an attempted robbery outside Sapucaí in RJ (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram)

The journalist Nathalia Santos was shot this Monday (12) during an attempted robbery while leaving Sapucaí in Rio de Janeiro with her husband. The former Globo reporter left the place after watching the second day of parades by Rio's samba schools. She and her husband were sitting in a taxi when they were approached by the criminals. The vehicle was hit by two shots.

According to the statement released by Nathalia's team, she was shot in the hip. The communicator had surgery and is doing well. “To reassure everyone, we inform you that the procedure was successful,” the bulletin began. Your companion was not hit.

“Nathalia is doing well emotionally and physically, still in some pain all as expected,” the spokesperson added. The journalist said she was afraid for her own life. “I was afraid of what could happen to me. As a mother, we always think of our children first, but thank God I was helped quickly and was very well received by all my family, friends and team,” she said.

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In the comments of the publication, friends expressed their solidarity with the journalist, including Regina Casé, with whom she worked on the program “Esquenta!” “My love, I pray from the first minute that you no longer feel this pain… Even though your family is a wonderful support network, know that you can count on us,” she wrote. The civil police said that “so far there have been no records at the police station in the Sambódromo area.”

Edited by Regina Cazé. (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram)