Bia and Matteus talk about the strategy for the nomination

Bia and Matteus talk about the strategy for the nomination of Paredão •

The leader's final test in the most watched house in Brazil was endurance and lasted about five hours, with sisters Bia and Isabelle being the great champions of the competition. However, they had to choose between the lead and the 45,000 prize money.

The lead went to Bia while Isabela chose the prize. Now the leader of the week begins to think about nomination strategies, who to hang on the wall. Matteus and Bia speculated and commented on the possible nomination of the chairman for Paredão. The gaucho expressed his opinion and said what could happen if she puts Rodriguinho in the spotlight this Sunday (25).


In the leader's room, Matteus told Bia that Fernanda could go to Paredão if she nominated Rodriguinho. The saleswoman stated that she was using it as a “strategy” to put the singer in the spotlight.

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Bia: “Rodriguinho would be a strategy. I can’t say anything about him.”

Matteus: “If it is Fernanda, it will be an obvious thing and they will wait. If you use her, only she will go from the other group. For example, if you put him in, the chance of her leaving is very high because she could have a lot of votes for herself. So he, she and Bin go; or one of us can leave; or he, she and Davi, you know?”