Big Brother Beatrice Luzzi39s criticism of Grecia Colmenares quotI don39t

Big Brother, Beatrice Luzzi's criticism of Grecia Colmenares: "I don't like people who repeat themselves" (VIDEO)

Greece Colmenares is targeted by Beatrice Luzzi: Final friendship between the two GF competitors?

The wait is finally over! Tonight, Monday January 15, 2023, on Canale 5 it will work a new episode of Big Brother is on air, The Reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. While we waited in the house, Greece Colmenares has landed in the sights of Beatrice Luzzi and Monia La Ferrera.

Beatrice Luzzi criticizes Grecia Colmenare

The friendship born in the house of Big Brother Between Greece Colmenares and Beatrice Luzzi seems like a distant memory now. In fact, the actress has been getting carried away in the last few hours Monia La Ferrera to long comments about your adventure companion:

I don't like people who repeat themselves. I've known her for four months and she's always repeating herself: in her reactions, in her attitudes, in her habits… she's very monotonous. I can't stand this attitude, it's not very believable… You say it's been like that since you were little, I believe it, but personally I don't care because if everything is a little like that, it always is the same on the right?

She is always happy, always sweet, but be careful not to touch her charges because she changes completely. If you touch her things, she pulls out her nails, and rightly so – Beatrice continued, commenting on Grecia's behavior with the friend – She is relaxing a little now because she, the poor thing, has been in the crosshairs for two or three months .

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A thought shared by Monicawho, however, wanted to emphasize his thoughts on this Greece. According to the girl, it is not right to always justify a person:

He allows too many things to happen… things that would bother me instead. I haven't seen her pull out her nails yet, so I'll tell you this. It's not even a good thing that everyone says to leave it alone because “that's how she is anyway.” If I were her, it would bother me…

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