Blogs Saudi Arabia bin Salman rules with the gallows

Blogs | Saudi Arabia, bin Salman rules with the gallows: Since he took power, executions have doubled

Blogs Saudi Arabia bin Salman rules with the gallows

The number of executions has almost doubled Saudi Arabia since 2015 the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmanson of King Salman who came to power.

That’s according to a report by Reprieve and the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights, two NGOs that constantly monitor the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia.

At least 1,243 executions were recorded between 2010 and 2021. In 2022 there were at least 147 more, 81 of them in a single day, March 12. Those were the bloodiest years from 2015 to 2019 and from 2021 to 2022with an average of 129.5 executions per yearan 82 percent increase over the previous five-year period.

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The adverb “at least” is necessary. The Saudi authorities claim absolute secrecy of capital trials, death sentences and executions. Human rights organizations do an enormous effort to collect information and it’s entirely possible that their data is to blame.

The death penalty is provided for a wide range of crimes in Saudi Arabia: murder, drug trafficking and drug trafficking, crimes of a sexual nature, forming or belonging to a criminal enterprise or banned group, kidnapping, sedition, treason and other crimes against state security, witchcraft and sorcery.

Massive use of the death penalty, almost always imposed by hanginggo with irregular processesheld behind closed doors, with limited access to defense, Allegations based on evidence obtained under torture, Lack of interpreting services for foreign defendants and appeals procedures that are little more than the final stamp on previous verdicts.

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At least foreign nationals were executed during the reporting period 490nearly 40 percent of the total.

They were in the same period 31 women hanged: three-quarters were foreigners and 56 percent of the cases were domestic workers, often sentenced to death for murder for killing the employer who had subjected them to sexual violence.