Godmothers goddaughter Vote for 25 powerful people on Espanol

Godmother’s goddaughter Vote for 25 powerful people on Español

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Question 1 (left to right): Chikybombom and Margie Gomez/Ángel Ramos @angelramoos; decency; Maite Perroni and Maripina Menendez/Sergio Valenzuela @sergio.valenzuelach; courtesy save the children; Clarissa Molina and Maria Trusa/@tamorawphoto; Pablo Monsalve; Daniela Alvarez and Marcela Marañon/Hernan Puentes; Instagram/@thejourneyofabravewoman; Carmen Aub and Elena Ketelsen Gonzalez/Latin Invasion; Adrian Garcia Ulibarri

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The 25 Most Powerful Women of 2023

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