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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge tells Thomas, “Brooke wouldn’t do that!” Thomas reminds him that they both heard the recording – there was no doubt it was her. He wearily says the only explanation is that Brooke always hated him. Ridge denies that’s true. Thomas argues that it’s true – she’s trying to take his son away from him for crushing an apple with a knife. Ridge blurts out, “She said she hadn’t called! She said to me! She wouldn’t lie to me about it.” He’ll ask her to her face. Thomas summarizes that Brooke said her name on the recording and then lied to him when he asked her about it. Ridge warns him not to say a word, insisting he must give her a chance to get clean. “I will go there and visit my wife.”

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At home, Brooke Ridge writes to find out when he’s coming home. Hope comes in. She just spoke to Liam and asks, “What’s this about Douglas and CPS?!?” Brooke reassures Hope that he’s fine. Hope then asks her mother to enlighten her because she doesn’t understand why CPS was called to Thomas. Brooke doesn’t know why, but it really worries her. Someone felt strong enough to call and complain. She thinks Hope could use this to put Douglas where he belongs. Hope is offended on Thomas’ behalf – she can’t imagine what it must be like when these people come up and question your parenthood. Brooke narrows her eyes, “Then maybe he shouldn’t have used a knife around his son.” Hope Levels: “Oh Mom!” Brooke doubles down. What happens when Douglas runs around and falls on the knife? Hope insists Thomas be careful. Brooke senses that her daughter is being manipulated by Thomas again now that she is spending so much time with him. Hope gushes that she’s not naive – when she defends Thomas, it’s because he deserves it. As for her time there, if her son is with Thomas, then she will be there. Brooke asks if that’s really a good idea. Hope tells her she sounds just like Liam.
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Hope gets a call from a man she works with named Edgar, telling him that she will ask lead designer Thomas to get in touch. After disconnecting, Hope urges her mother to say what she’s thinking because she has a “look” on her face. Brooke muses that just listening to her made her realize how intertwined her life is with Thomas’s. He has worked his way into her work and personal life. Hope wonders if she’s implying she doesn’t know how their relationship works? “I wish you would give me a little more credit.” She knows the good and bad sides of Thomas and has long known only the good sides. Brooke reminds her daughter that he has used Douglas to manipulate her in the past. Hope insists he doesn’t do that now. Thomas is finally on the right track and didn’t deserve what happened to CPS. Brooke’s phone rings. She hoped it was Ridge, but it wasn’t. Hope goes into the office to have a chat with Thomas and leaves.

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At the cliff house, Steffy wants Taylor to go back to Ridge and complains that Brooke doesn’t deserve the attention she is giving her. Taylor argues that you don’t treat people as badly as they are, you treat them as good as you do… when she gets back from Aspen, she wants to move away from Ridge entirely.

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After Steffy makes all the arrangements for the children, Taylor reflects that she thought she would move to Ridge, but he is married to Brooke. “It’s about time I moved on.” Steffy suggests she could stay in town and fight for her father, but Taylor hasn’t come back to LA to steal Brooke’s husband. “I need to love myself more than the possibility of a future with your father.” Steffy just doesn’t want her to close any doors – Brooke will screw it up and then he’ll realize he belongs with her! She urges her mother not to close her heart, but Taylor argues that she needs to close it a little. Taylor needs to get away from him a bit and figure out where she’s going.

On the jet, Taylor looks forward to a change of scene with no Ridge memories. Steffy reminds them how happy they were the last time they were on the jet home from Monaco. They summarize that Finn is back with his family and loves Steffy so much. Steffy talks about the miracle kiss in Monaco. “Know that he loves you and don’t give up.”

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Afterwards, Taylor flashes to kiss Ridge as Steffy comes out of a door. She contacted Finn to see if he wanted to join them. Taylor loves her son-in-law. Steffy starts again holding the door open for Ridge. Taylor doesn’t want that – this potion is cold and it keeps going back to Brooke. If she is the love of his life and he wants her, she wishes him well.

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Ridge arrives at Brooke’s as she makes dinner reservations. She explains that she wanted to distract him from what happened today. “That was crazy, wasn’t it?” She asks if he found out anything else about the CPS visit. She wonders if Thomas has been cheating on anyone lately. Maybe the caller wanted revenge on him. Ridge complains that they questioned Douglas. Brooke reiterates that whoever it was might just have thought they were going to hurt Thomas. She hopes they didn’t hit Douglas too hard. “I certainly don’t know who it is.” Ridge strokes her face and suddenly remembers something he forgot in the office. He leaves her gaping.
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Outside, Ridge sighs, “It was you.” He flashes when he hears her voice on the recording. “You lied to me. You lied to my face. It was you… it was you.”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas marvels at Hope’s ability to always see the best in him, and Ridge ponders his destiny.

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