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Bombshell in Elas por Elas: Detail confirms that Marcos is Helena's biological son TV

Giovanni (Filipe Bragança) will not rest until he receives information about his biological family in Elas por Elas. The preppy boy will find out that his mother's name was Olívia Novaes the same name given to Marcos (Luan Argollo) when he met his uncles. This detail will confirm that the little bandit is actually the son of Helena (Isabel Teixeira) in the six o'clock soap opera on Globo.

In the storyline, Marcos was quick to comment on his mother after the DNA test confirmed his relationship with Bruno (Luan Argollo). The young man was confronted by Pedro (Alexandre Borges) and spoke about the loss of Olivia.

“She died during my birth. “I was raised by an aunt, but she didn’t know who my father was,” the boy explained.

In this Thursday's chapter (25), Giovanni will continue the investigation into the baby swap. The playboy will search for new clues at the hospital and get his mother's medical records.

He will confirm that Míriam (Paula Cohen) was not lying when she said the woman did not survive childbirth and died at just 21 years old. The young woman also had no close family.

Filipe Bragança and Valentina Herszage in the cemetery

Giovanni and Cris will go to the cemetery in the soap opera

Visiting the grave

The good guy will go to the cemetery with Cris (Valentina Herszage) and bring flowers to Olivia's gravestone. “Hello mum. I am your son. My name is Giovanni. We never met, you died to give me life. I really wanted to know what you're like, what you like, what my life would be like with you..” “But I'll never know,” he will suffer.

“She died very young,” he added tearfully. Without an ounce of sensitivity, the preppy girl will ask to leave. “Come. You've already talked to her, now let's go? I'm starting to think it was a mistake that we came! Look how it turned out for you!” Lara’s daughter (Deborah Secco) will say.

“My life was a farce. “I was changed in the maternity ward, do you understand what that means for me?” the angry man will reply. “That means you are very lucky. If not, you would have grown up in an orphanage. Now let's go please? I hate cemeteries,” Cris insists.

Giovanni will lose his patience. “Damned! You really don't understand! This woman, my mother, died alone without anyone to take care of her! Doesn't that concern you? Doesn’t it mean anything to you?” he will say.

“Calm down, please! Look, I'm really sorry about your mother. But there’s nothing else you can do here in this terrible place,” the unsuspecting woman will say. “If you don’t like it here, you don’t have to stay. You can go, I can manage on my own,” he will order.

Written by Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão, Elas por Elas is a reinterpretation of the 1982 plot by Cassiano Gabus Mendes (19271993). The soap opera was scheduled to be replaced by Mario Teixeira's No Rancho Fundo at six o'clock. o'clock in the morning. Globe.

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