Annie Villeneuve reveals rare secrets about her relationship 7

Annie Villeneuve reveals rare secrets about her relationship – 7 Days

Last spring, Annie Villeneuve celebrated her 40th birthday, a big milestone for the singer and presenter who is feeling better than ever in her life. After finding love, moving to Quebec, taming radio and returning to her roots, she now feels at home. In an interview in the new issue of 7 Jours magazine, she made rare confidences about her relationship.

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“Covid has allowed me to find the man who is in my life. He comes from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, just like me. For a long time I had two lives: the one before the Star Académie and the one after. Thanks to him, the decisions I made, the closeness of my family and friends, something is coming together today. For the first time in 20 years, there are no longer two lives. There is only one common thread,” she admitted.

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Annie Villeneuve reveals rare secrets about her relationship 7

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She considers the fact that he knew her before she became famous to be a great advantage.

“Yes, it definitely alleviates a lot of anxiety that might arise when we meet someone who doesn't know us. We spent our first year and a half during the pandemic. We were in a bubble. It was quite reassuring because it allowed us to see the stability of our base. People didn’t tell me their opinions, I only trusted myself. We were united.”

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