Demographics Quebec surpasses 9 million inhabitants –

Demographics | Quebec surpasses 9 million inhabitants –

This Thursday, Quebec passed the symbolic milestone of nine million inhabitants. The province is currently experiencing unprecedented population growth. The population is growing by more than 800 people every day, mainly due to immigration. A look at the evolution of Quebec's population.

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Quebec's population is currently growing by just over 800 people per day, shows data from Statistics Canada, which tracks the country's demographic trends live through its demographic clock using an algorithm. The figures take into account all arrivals and departures as well as births and deaths. This is the fastest growth rate ever observed in the province's history, surpassing the previous record set during the baby boom. This is also one of the strongest advances in this regard in Canada, across all provinces combined.

Demographics Quebec surpasses 9 million inhabitants –


This is approximately equal to the number of non-permanent residents arriving in Quebec on average each day. In addition, about 181 immigrants settle in the province every day. In short, population growth in Quebec is driven by immigration, particularly temporary, professional or even student immigration.

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Natural increase still small

Meanwhile, the natural increase or difference between the number of births and the number of deaths within the same population in Quebec is still very small. There are an average of 227 births and 198 deaths per day, meaning only 29 additional people are added to the daily toll.

What about interprovincial migration?

According to Statistics Canada, about 87 Canadians settle in Quebec every day, while 99 Quebecers settle in another Canadian province. In short, Quebec is losing about 12 residents a day to intra-Canadian migration, or about 4,380 people per year. Basically, 13 Quebecers travel abroad every day.

Four years too early

Quebec also passed the 9 million mark four years earlier than planned. In fact, the Quebec Institute of Statistics (ISQ) had revised its demographic forecasts in 2022 and predicted that the province would not reach this symbolic threshold until 2028. Around 2066, Quebec should reach the bar. 10 million inhabitants, according to the latest ISQ forecasts. However, these projections could be brought forward if current population growth continues.