Bono only allergic to Juventus Social assault on the singer

Bono, “only allergic to Juventus”. Social assault on the singer

Bono Vox, expected tomorrow night at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples for the only Italian stage of his show “Stories of Surrender”, gets caught up in the social storm of football issues. The U2 leader, who arrived in the city a few days ago, had already been photographed wearing a Napoli scarf around his neck that fans had given him as a gift when he arrived at Capodichino Airport. But yesterday, while enjoying a plate of spaghetti with mussels at the renowned Mimì alla Ferrovia restaurant, he dropped a joke about Juventus that earned him a storm of insults on his social profiles. When the waiter asked him if he had an intolerance (food), the musician ironically replied: “I’m just allergic to Juventus” (“I’m just allergic to Juventus”).

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The phrase, which was filmed and shared across the internet, delighted Neapolitans but outraged Juventus fans, who heaped heavy insults on Bono’s posts on social media. “Forza Juve is always allergic to you,” someone wrote. “I’m allergic to your ‘music’. I could never stand it. You’re as good as a 1 cent bill!!!», they are among the friendliest. The others mostly contain unrepeatable obscenities. Meanwhile, at the San Carlo, whose tickets for tomorrow night were smashed minutes after the announcement, everything is set for Bono’s performance, who may return to the subject of football.

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