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A “progressive increase in the intensity of the Russian offensive” in Ukraine. This is reported by the London Defense Intelligence Agency in the latest update on the situation on the ground, citing data from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to which on January 18 “Russian attacks on the front line increased by 27%.” with “81 air strikes and 45 rocket attacks.”

The assessment highlights that other Ukrainian military data comparing the period between January 14 and 18 with the previous five days indicates an increase in Russian attacks. During these five days, the number of military vehicles lost by the Russians increased by 88%, the number of tanks lost by 95%, and the death toll by 15%.

It is this data, the assessment said, that indicates “a progressive increase in the intensity of Russian offensive activity on the front over the past two weeks,” and a key factor is likely “the icy conditions of the terrain that enable the movement.” of armored vehicles”.