Colombia and Ecuador announce the seizure of two semi submersibles

Colombia and Ecuador announce the seizure of two semi submersibles full of cocaine

A joint anti-narcotics operation between Colombia and Ecuador led to the seizure of two semi-submersibles loaded with drugs this weekend, the two countries said. On Sunday, the Colombian Navy announced in a statement the hijacking of the country's “first semi-submersible of the year.” The fifteen meter long boat was intercepted in the Pacific Ocean near the port of Buenaventura (West) and was carrying 795 kilos of cocaine. The three people who were on board were arrested.

On Saturday, Ecuadorian armed forces announced the seizure of another semi-submersible, also traveling in the Pacific, carrying nearly three tons of cocaine. The vehicle was also gray in color and was fifteen meters long. It was captured about sixty kilometers off the coast of Esmeraldas (northwest Ecuador) and three Colombians on board were arrested.

According to the Ecuadorian Army, the operation was carried out in collaboration with the Ecuadorian Police and the Colombian Navy. According to a United Nations report, 2022 was a record year for cocaine production in Colombia. Cultivation of coca leaves increased by 13% to a cultivated area of ​​230,000 hectares. Although Ecuador does not produce cocaine, it has become one of the main drug crossing points on the continent, which has led to an explosion in crime.