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Breaking villain! A crazed animal causes havoc in a woman's home after breaking in to eat her stash of porridge

By Maria Chiorando For Web 3:45 p.m. February 16, 2024, updated 5:14 p.m. February 16, 2024

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A mother, Charlotte Glazier, was left “completely baffled” after she saw a hole in her back door and realized her kitchen cupboard had been ransacked.

At first the woman from Ryde on the Isle of Wight thought she had been the victim of “senseless vandalism” but soon realized there was “nothing humane” about the state her home had been left in.

After some time, the mother realized that the “carnage” had actually been caused by a badger – who was “trying everything possible to get home”.

The mother described the incident: “It was like a Goldilocks fairy tale where you come home and ask, 'Has anyone tried to eat my porridge?'.”

“It was such a moment, but I just couldn't figure out what it was. “The whole place was devastated.”

Breaking villain A crazed animal causes havoc in a woman39sThe kitchen was in chaos, and Charlotte wondered if teenagers had broken into the house just to cause chaos. Arriving home one day, Charlotte Glazier (pictured with her daughter) was amazed at the damage done to her house and had simply caused chaos trying to find her way home, presumably after she had gotten lost in a havoc-causing badger in what appeared to be an upturned trash can

Ms Glazier had returned home with a friend and her daughter around 6pm on Valentine's Day to find a pane of glass broken. Additionally, her daughter's door had “large bear tracks.”

The mother said her own bedroom looked like “absolute carnage” and that the pipe to her washing machine had also been punctured.

At first, the mother wondered whether the damage was “senseless vandalism caused by young people breaking in,” but she quickly realized that it must have been an animal.

The woman – in her 40s – added: “I quickly realized there was nothing human about it – I just didn't know what kind of animal it was.”

“I couldn't figure out what animal it was. I was completely perplexed.”

Eventually Ms Glazier found a badger hiding under her bed and said he was just “doing everything possible to get home”.

After spending 45 minutes on the phone with police and the RSPCA, she finally came across Badger Trust Isle of Wight.

Graham Lee from the volunteer organization was present and when he entered the bedroom he saw the badger sleeping in an upturned bin.

According to Charlotte, she eventually realized that an animal was involved in the damage (pictured) – but she didn't know what species it was. Despite the chaos caused in the house, it appears that the little animal was fortunately unharmed. At one point on Expedition A, the small wild animal was photographed hiding under a bed (perhaps he had managed to tear it apart …). After they managed to cage the animal, they released it, saying it simply trotted off into the night after its adventure – which included tearing up that chair. Even the bedroom was completely overturned, the bedding was thrown around and the furniture was damaged. “The whole apartment had just been trashed,” Charlotte said as she recounted the damage done to her home. The badger During his adventure, he even used his claws to create small wood chips that fell onto furniture

He said: “I watched him walk around the room to make sure he wasn’t injured. Then I caught him, put him in our badger cage and checked him over.”

Mr. Lee asked a neighbor to help him carry the cage down the stairs and onto the sidewalk

He added: “She trotted blithely up the sidewalk towards a settlement I know.”

Mr Glazier said Mr Lee was a “gift from heaven” and said she did not expect to return home to a badger on Valentine's Day.

The mother said: “We came back and we didn't expect this, we had a different plan that evening and it wasn't about getting rid of a badger in the best way possible.” “Having a badger in my bedroom on Valentine's Day, is certainly a first.”