Canadas Got Talent Would a competitor have copied a Michael

Canada’s Got Talent: Would a competitor have copied a Michael Rancourt number? – VAT News

Lavalloise Geneviève Côté, who won a Golden Buzzer on Canada’s Got Talent, would she have been heavily inspired by a number by Quebec comedian Michaël Rancourt?

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The main prospect believes in it and spoke about it during his appearance on LCN’s Mario Dumont Show on Friday.

Singer and noisemaker Geneviève Côté, with her undeniable singing talent, was the last semifinalist on the show to take the stage at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls on Tuesday night. She once again wowed the jury and made it to the final of the television competition.

Michaël Rancourt says he has known Ms Côté for 20 years without giving details and remains cautious.

“What I denounce is that it was my act that was featured on Canadian’s Got Talent. It’s a number that I use in my career and has made me famous in my career since 1990-1991. We used it differently, but when we put them side by side, it’s practically the same,” denounces the comedian.

He claims he has been doing this performance inspired by the movie Once Upon a Time in the West for 30 years.

And her number ends with the singing of a soprano, which Ms. Côté picked up.

He claims never to have signed a release or contract giving anyone the right to use his idea.

“It takes months and months to develop a concept like this, it’s a lot of work,” he adds.

According to him, his concept was watered down because it was adopted by another performer without his approval.

“I feel like a part of my creation has just been taken away from me. It disappointed me, I’m sad, I’m disappointed, but at the same time I tell myself that it still belongs to me in a way.

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