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Ceasefire: fighting ceased in Gaza conflict news

Israel and the Palestinian extremist group Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip have stopped attacking each other after five days of fighting. A ceasefire negotiated by Egypt just hours earlier is in effect as of tonight. Previously, there were rocket attacks in the direction of Israel.

In Gaza, the largest city in the Gaza Strip, the streets, deserted during the fighting, filled with reports of a ceasefire. Passers-by applauded, drivers honked. “Considering the agreement between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, Egypt announces that a ceasefire has been reached between the Palestinian and Israeli sides,” reads the ceasefire agreement, seen by Portal.

Israel and Palestinians confirm

Israel has thanked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for mediating, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Islamic Jihad also confirmed the agreement: “We declare that we accept the Egyptian announcement.”

Yesterday morning, Israel ruled out an early ceasefire. “We are not holding ceasefire talks,” said national security adviser Tsachi Hanegbi. Israel’s top priority is to fight the jihadists. Islamic Jihad announced that it would continue to fire rockets. “The Resistance is preparing for a months-long confrontation,” he said in a statement.