Cecchi Paone is a terrible person the attack of the

“Cecchi Paone is a terrible person”: the attack of the ex castaway after his departure from the Isola dei Famosi

Marina La Rosa he strikes again Alessandro Cecchi Paone. The former winner of Big Brother and participants ofIsland of the Famous, she published a lengthy post on Instagram to respond to the controversy of those who had attacked her for the outraged comments against some of the current castaways. Here’s what he said.

Isola and Cecchi Paone dig after their exit from the reality show? What he wrote online

Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini left the Isola dei Famosi: what happened?

“I wrote two things on Twitter (which isn’t a social network I frequent) and immediately became the unfair villain and bitch for a change,” she said. “And instead I want to invite you to change your perspective and your points of view – he adds – Paone, for example, I find a terrible person. The difference is that many think it, but I say it.”

On the Caldonazzo: “Nathalie is beautiful and very thin.. because it’s true, you don’t eat anything and at the end of the three months I too weighed 46 kilos and was dry and ugly (it’s no coincidence that I said ironically: “was a crazy one pussy), but I would do it 100 times again and made a joke about prosthetics not because they are to be criticized (everyone does what they want with their body and long live surgery) but because of the breasts, now that they have them is ‘is so thin, is much more noticeable than before and you think so too, I just said it.’

And to Gianmaria she explains: “He’s a beautiful boy, wonderful hair, a smile with perfect, white and sugar-sweet teeth, but I don’t see anything else (at the moment).” Come on, now say that you didn’t think that too ».

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