1707196599 Celine Dion at the Grammys It seems increasingly clear that

Celine Dion at the Grammys: “It seems increasingly clear that she is planning something for us”

Céline Dion admirers around the world are rejoicing in their idol's surprise appearance at Sunday night's Grammy Awards, seeing it as an increasingly tangible sign that she is preparing a comeback.

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“She will come back little by little,” predicts a fan of the singer on the Facebook page of the fan club The Red Heads.

“That promises her a better future,” says another fan of our national diva happily.

Céline Dion suffers from stiff person syndrome and put her career on hold at the end of 2022. She has not given a concert since the pandemic broke out in 2020.

Celine Dion at the Grammys It seems increasingly clear that

Céline Dion and her son René-Charles take the stage at the Crypto.com Arena during the Grammy Awards on Sunday evening. Photo Amy Sussman/Getty Images via AFP

According to a quote from the Las Vegas Review Journal, an executive at AEG, the promoter of the singer's shows, did nothing to calm the enthusiasm of the star's fanatics.

“It was so secret. “I don’t want to speak for Celine, but people can judge for themselves how she’s feeling right now,” said John Nelson, senior vice president of AEG.

“She made an appointment”

The president of the Red Heads believes that these few minutes on stage at the music industry's most prestigious awards ceremony, where she appeared in top form, smiling and moving, were the sign “that she is confident enough to accept the Recording Academy's invitation.” , Line Basbous.

“It seems increasingly clear that Céline is preparing something for us. The Grammys selection is very interesting, but the most incredible thing is that she made a date. Attending an award ceremony at the Grammys cannot be improvised. If her health had been too unstable, she probably would not have made this commitment.

For Ms. Basbous, “this is the best news of the evening.”

Gradual return

According to host Mike Gauthier, who speaks of a “gradual return,” his presence at the Grammys shows that his doctors are “able to control his illness.”

“I don’t think she can go on tour right away. However, it wouldn't surprise me if she releases a new song or a new album at some point. If a cramp or seizure occurs in the studio, they stop the treatment and start again if the doctors allow it.

Mike Gauthier wishes he could give at least one last concert.

Can we expect to see them at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas next Sunday? “That wouldn’t surprise me,” the host replies.


One thing is certain: no one has forgotten her. On Sunday everyone was happy to see Céline. When she stood on stage with her son René-Charles, she received a lovely ovation, whose presence did not go unnoticed.

“You must continue to support your mother, who has given you so much,” pleaded one admirer.

Leaving the Crypto.com Arena, Céline Dion ran into Oprah Winfrey, who did not miss the opportunity to greet and hug the one she had received several times in the past in an interview on her show.