Reimond Manco minimized Ricardo Lagos and told why Restrepo is

Reimond Manco minimized Ricardo Lagos and told why Restrepo is using him as a starter in Alianza

Alianza Lima won with a strong performance at Alianza Atlético in Sullana. With goals from Waterman and Rodríguez, the blue and white team secured their second victory and are heading into the classic duel stronger university. One of the pleasing performances of the game was that of Jhamir D'Arrigo, who provided the assist for the second goal after a through ball Ricardo Lagos.

In fact, “Richi” as they usually call him is one of the usual headlines in the group of Alejandro Restrepo despite criticism from a section of intimate fans. The former football player commented on this in a recent broadcast on YouTube Raymond Manco explained why Ricardo Lagos remains a starter in the Colombian coach's plan.

Why is Ricardo Lagos still a starter in Alianza Lima's 11?

In a recent conversation with Horacio Zimmermann for “Cojo & Manco”, the popular “Rei” did not hide his amazement after seeing the great level of Jhamir D'Arrigo in the victory of Alianza Lima in Piura and looked for an explanation to to understand the ownership of Ricardo Lagos.

“When D'Arrigo came in, the difference with Lagos was catastrophic. I really believe that the Colombian coach is sending him to Lagos to respect what he did in Alianza, but it is a plane,” he stressed.

Additionally, his teammate and journalist Horacio Zimmermann compared both blue and white players to Universitario footballers Nelson Cabanillas and Segundo Portocarrero. “They got him playing. The difference for me is that Cabanillas like Lagos go forward while these (D'Arrigo and Portocarrero) go diagonally towards the goal,” he added.

What is the current value of Ricardo Lagos in Alianza Lima?

In 2023, Ricardo Lagos was a regular player for the blue and whites. Despite criticism from some fans over his attacking problems, the player earned a place on his team's left wing. According to specialist portal Transfermarkt, the 27-year-old footballer is currently valued at $600,000, one of his highest values ​​in his career.

Lagos arrived in Alianza in 2021.  Photo: La Republica

Lagos arrived in Alianza in 2021. Photo: La Republica

Which clubs did Ricardo Lagos play for?

Ricardo Lagos has only played for clubs in the Peruvian tournament throughout his career. “Richi” arrived at Alianza Lima in 2021. Below you can find out which other clubs he was able to represent.

  • César Vallejo University (2017)
  • Carlos A. Mannucci (2018-2020)
  • Lima Alliance (since 2021)

When is the next Alianza Lima game?

In a match valid for date 3 of Liga 1 Te Apuesta 2024, Alianza hosts Lima Universitario at the National Stadium. This will be the first time the comrades see each other after the events of last season's finale. The game is scheduled to take place next Saturday, February 10th, from 8:00 p.m.