CES South Korea signs contracts worth 120 million – KBS

CES: South Korea signs contracts worth $120 million – KBS WORLD Radio News

CES: South Korea signs contracts worth $120 million

Photo: YONHAP News

The 2024 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest technology trade fair, will be a huge success for South Korean companies.

According to the South Korean Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Energy, participating companies from the country have signed Bright Morning contracts whose total value would reach $120 million, a record amount. In addition, the inter-company exchanges amount to no less than 400 million dollars. Another record was the number of South Korean companies that took part in the event: 443.

According to the ministry, many visitors were interested in South Korean technologies related to artificial intelligence, mobility and smart health. Six companies in this area have signed letters of intent for supplies or technological cooperation worth $8 million.

Industry Minister Ahn Duk-geun announced plans to expand South Korean participation in international trade fairs, including MWC, the Mobile World Congress.

For his part, Yu Jeong-yeol, president of Kotra, the National Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment, promised not to count his efforts so that the participation of the country's companies in the CES brings tangible results. Among other things, he promised more support with video conference consultations and resuming contact with potential buyers.