Check the horoscope for all signs this Tuesday 03

Check the horoscope for all signs this Tuesday, 03

Virginia Gaia

02/01/2023 21:10


The first week of the year progresses at the relationship pace. After this The first working day of 2023 opens a season that will be marked by the longing for the freedom of lovegiven the input of Venus in Aquarius comes this Tuesday the 3rd packed with reflections on the exercise of individuality. Because what is more beautiful than people who act?

In the sky, the crescent is increasingly illuminated and gradually approaches the seductive appearance of the full moonwhose exact appearance will not take place until next Friday, the 6th, but the queen of the night also has an appointment with the sexy planet on this second working day of the first week of the year Mars. The red planet, ruler of war and sexual desire, has always been identified with myths depicting human strength and achievement.

In Sumer, the land which is the cradle of civilization and whose astrology later influenced western astrology, the god was attributed the planet Mars Nergalthe passionate partner of the goddess ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld. Described as the older sister of inanathe Sumerian goddess of fertility associated with the planet Venus, Ereshkigal is a symbol of power and passion.

Thus, among so many mythologies, we have one of the first records that heavenly couples chose to inspire life on earth. Earth. Mars and Venus ultimately played this symbolic role of representing complementary opposites due to their very different appearances in the sky. Venus, also called Silver Star, stands out clearly and sparkles in a shade of white. Mars, on the other hand, glows reddish, a color it also displays on its surface.

However, in early 2023, Mars is in the midst of its apparent retrogradation phase, which began last October and runs until next 12th. So, from a symbolic standpoint, this astronomical phenomenon which is actually an optical illusion from the point of view of the terrestrial observer gives us the opportunity to look back on martial subjects. With the regression of the red planet taking place in the communication sign Gemini, possibilities for the adaptation of communication between couples and partners of all kinds open up.

Because in order to love with more freedom and respect for individualities, it is also crucial that the space for frank and profound conversations is wide open and paved. Because everything really everything in the field of affection needs dialogue.

Consider: at about 90% illumination, the moon Crescent is to the east after sunset Sunvisible until just after 3am on Wednesday 4th April Taurus constellationthe Queen of the Night will be next to the planet Mars, while both will be aligned with it Aldebaranthe star alpha this star cluster representing the eye of the mythical celestial bull.

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Aries: Communicate well, Aries. It is important to pay attention to your words and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Bull: Invest in what pays, Taurus. It’s important to stay focused and know where you’re going to avoid shooting everywhere.

Twins: Do things consistently, Gemini. It’s important to have an attitude and remember your longterm goals.

Cancer: Hold onto the fear, Cancer. You need to know how to focus your thoughts while trying to maintain a good sleep routine.

Lion: Think ahead, but beware of overidealization, Leo. It’s important to know how to talk to people, but without exposing yourself unnecessarily.

Virgo: exercise your full leadership ability without overdoing it, Virgo. You have to be strategic, even if it means revising a bit.

Lb: be open to different views and opinions, Libra. It is important that you have a broad view and that you listen more than you talk.

Scorpio: How much desire to change everything, Scorpio. Take it easy on yourself and try to focus on what matters most and share decisions with those closest to you.

Protect: Working in partnership, Sagittarius. Heaven is on the subject of your relationships, so exercise good diplomacy.

Capricorn: mind your health and routine, Capricorn. It is important that you focus on the practical demands of your life.

Aquarium: Your power of seduction is increasing, Aquarius. Take the moment to act spontaneously.

Fish: It’s time to take care of yourself and your wellbeing, Pisces. Pay attention to your intimate desires.

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