1672749041 Cristina greets you who is the ex of Luca Onestini

“Cristina greets you” who is the ex of Luca Onestini mentioned by Soleil at GF Vip and what happened

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

É Cristina Porta, the girl who called Soleil Sorge at the end of the clash with Luca Onestini on Big Brother Vip. It’s a former flame of his who he flirted with while participating in the reality show Secret Story. Their split was quite turbulent: the journalist claims that “very serious things” happened and that she chose not to cover it.

Cristina greets you who is the ex of Luca Onestini

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

“Cristina greets you”. This is like None she said goodbye to the fight with Luke Onestini occurred during the episode of Big Brother VIP from January 2nd. The temporary columnist had a heated argument with the competitor with whom she had flirted in the past in Italy’s most spied on house. The two addressed any outstanding issues in no uncertain terms, and Soleil then brought up Cristina. But who is it about? The reference is to christine door, former flame of Onestini, whom he dated while participating in Spanish reality show Secret Story.

Who is Cristina Porta, the ex of Onestini mentioned by Soleil?

Soleil didn’t give the girl’s last name, but the reference is more than clear: Cristina Porta. The two met during the Spanish reality show secret story, then won by Onestini himself, and they began dating. During the days in the “Spanish House” (because the program is a kind of Big Brother) they had a good time Moments of intimacy under the covers filmed by the watchful eyes of the cameras. At the time, Onestini’s ex-girlfriend Ivana Mrazova commented on the incident as “embarrassing”. Acquaintance between the two faces of the Spanish show ended immediately after the reality show.

Luca Onestini and Cristina Porta

Luca Onestini and Cristina Porta

What happened between Onestini and Cristina Porta

Luca Onestini and Cristina Porta apparently broke up because he couldn’t stand their excessive jealousy. “He controlled all the girls I followed on Instagram“, revealed the competitor of GF Vip. However, things would have turned out differently for the Spanish journalist and something far more serious would have happened. The presenter of a Spanish program, Cristina Porta, had made serious allegations against her ex-partner of him with his brother Gianmarco Onestini: “Very serious things happened, I didn’t report him but I have proof.” The girl then went on to explain that she has never spoken about it publicly but prefers to keep it to herself. In short, a not exactly cheerful separation that put the story at the center of discussions in Italy as well.