Chef Simone Buzzi returns to television after his illness the

Chef Simone Buzzi returns to television after his illness, the emotions of Antonella Clerici and the public

Roman chef Simone Buzzi moved Antonella Clerici by returning to the It’s Always Noon studio after a long illness

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Moments of great emotion during the broadcast “It’s Always Noon” for the return of chef Simone Buzzi. The chef surprised the audience and especially Antonella Clerici, presenter of the program, who greeted him with great joy. Simone Buzzi was indeed battling a tumor, but as he himself said on the show, he’s fine now.

The illness of the cook Simone Buzzi

The signs of the difficult times passed Chef Simone Buzzi there is, such as hair loss.

A detail that Antonella Clerici downplayed, saying she’s gorgeous and knows about bald heads. Simone Buzzi is back in the studio after a long break in treatment.

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Antonella Clerici’s emotions for chef Simone Buzzi

In recent months, chef Simone Buzzi’s illness has been kept secret, but his long absence from the show had caught the public eye.

“You haven’t seen him for a while because he beat an important, serious illness, but today it’s over, he’s healed, let’s celebrate, come back with us. Today he surprised us and after the emotion and happiness of seeing him, we will see him again in the kitchen,” he said Antonella Clerici Salutation of the Roman cook.

Immediately afterwards, the Roman chef, known for his rich and high-calorie recipes, brought the joy back to the studio with a joke: “We’ll make the buzzicate bald.”

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The work and buzzicate of the Roman cook

Simone Buzzi, 40 years, is a Roman chef who has appeared with Antonella Clerici in her show “It’s always noon” in recent years. He is married with one son and presents himself on social media as follows: “Study and discipline were fundamental, the main ingredients of my career”.


Photo source: ANSA