Child dies during video call with friends after playing social

Child dies during video call with friends after playing social network challenge

A 12yearold girl was found dead last Sunday (15) by her parents in Santa Fe, Argentina, after trying to reproduce a challenge widely shared on the social network TikTok. During a video call with classmates, Milagros Soto tied an object around his neck and hanged himself.

Paramedics went to the scene, but the child was already dead. The body of Milagros was taken to the Legal Medical Institute, where an autopsy was performed and it was determined that the girl died of mechanical asphyxiation by hanging.

The act the 12yearold girl performed, called the Blackout Challenge, involves holding her breath with an object tied around her neck until she passes out, according to El Litoral newspaper.

Also according to the Argentine vehicle, there are reports of cases like Milagros’s in at least three other countries: the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom. The incidents most commonly affected children aged 12 and under.

Through social networks, Milagros’ family regretted the case and shared photos of the girl to warn others of the risks posed by this type of challenge.

The Santa Fe Attorney’s Office and the AIC (Criminal Investigation Agency) are investigating the case to determine who the instigators were and if anyone is responsible for the girl’s death.