1673994621 Strip nails Soumahoro quotWhat money went into his accountquot

Strip nails Soumahoro: "What money went into his account"

Strip nails Soumahoro quotWhat money went into his accountquot

A continuous bombardment against that of Striscia la Notia Aboubakar Soumahoro. The satirical news, which can also be seen in the episode broadcast today – Tuesday 17 January – on Canale 5, returns to the shelling against the deputy and former agricultural workers’ union leader. The Messenger Pinuccio In fact, it focuses on the lies of Soumahoro “contained in the extensive defense dossier in which the honorable person has attempted to answer the many doubts raised by the satirical news regarding his work with the Lega Braccianti,” explains the editorial office.

In fact, the correspondent from Striscia gets to the point of fundraising “food and rights‘, theoretically born to help workers’ families during the pandemic. Too bad they continue from Striscia, “as has already been shown in the satirical news that the donations arrived through the GoFundMe platform (over 225,000 euros) instead of to the Lega Braccanti went directly to the personal bank account by Aboubakar Soumahoro”.

Harry and the House of Soumahoro: The Bomb by Greggio a Striscia

And again, Soumahoro states in the dossier that he used his account because he had difficulties depositing the statutes of the newly formed Lega Braccanti during the lockdown. But, Pinuccio recalls in the report, the other two members of the Lega Braccanti, Soumaila Sambare and Mamadou BaldeShe had suggested a solution to Aboubakar: open another account in Foggia that could be used for the ghetto of Antonacci Tower, so you don’t have to rely on him. Too bad this never happened. Far from it: After the end of the lockdown, the two partners asked Soumahoro to see the fundraising budget and were then thrown out of the Lega Braccianti. Searing details gutted by the satirical news.

These are all Soumahoro's bales.  Tuesday...: Last bomb dropped

Finally, the envoy Pinuccio also sends back the accusation mentioned in the dossier to the sender The two former partners were paid for the interviews. Sambare’s and Balde’s testimonies were also collected by Striscia, after several reports had arrived – already last October – denouncing that something was wrong in the leadership of the Lega Braccanti. And the two former partners spontaneously agreed to talk because they were outraged by Soumahoro’s behavior. In short, Striscia la Notia hits very hard.