China and the USA unite in the fight against drugs

China and the USA unite in the fight against drugs and overdoses

Next Tuesday (30th) is an important date for relations between China and the United States. The first joint meeting of a working group on the chemical precursors of fentanyl will take place in Beijing. This issue has been one of the biggest thorns in relations between the two countries, as a senior US official explained last Sunday (28).

Fentanyl, a powerful opioid painkiller, has caused numerous overdoses in the United States, and the country's authorities accuse China of being the main supplier of the chemical precursor. These are the components that Mexican cartels use in the production of synthetic drugs.

The meeting underlines the commitment to the fight against drug trafficking

This is an essential part of implementing our bilateral cooperation in this area“The North American representative told reporters. China, in turn, denies being the main supplier of the chemical raw materials and rejects the American allegations.

The American representative also reported that measures had been taken against Chinese companies that produce chemical precursors. The US accuses these companies of supplying the components for the production of fentanyl in Mexico.

These measures began after the summit between Presidents Joe Biden of the USA and Xi Jinping of China, which took place in November last year.

A milestone for substance control law

In addition to concerns about chemical precursors, the United States intends to continue enforcement actions. The meeting between the two countries represents a crucial milestone in resolving this issue.

While disagreements between China and the United States remain, the working group meeting aims to reach consensus and advance resolution of this ongoing issue.

The meeting is expected to bring significant progress in the fight against drug trafficking, particularly with regard to fentanyl. Ultimately, public health and safety issues are at stake, both in the United States and around the world.