Chinese envoy pledges end to Russia Ukraine conflict on European

Chinese envoy pledges end to Russia Ukraine conflict on European tour Radio Guantanamo

Chinese envoy campaigns for end to Russia-Ukraine conflict on European tourChina announced on Friday that its government’s special envoy for Eurasian affairs, Li Hui, will travel to five countries in the region to promote a political solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

As the Foreign Ministry added, starting May 15, the official will tour these two countries, and will also travel to Poland, France and Germany “to communicate with all parties on this issue.”

On April 26, Chinese President Xi Jinping revealed Li’s trip during a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky, to whom he reiterated his commitment to the Moscow-Kiev peace talks and readiness to provide more humanitarian aid.

He expressed his concern that the crisis is becoming more complex and having a major impact on the international situation, noting that the Asian giant will neither add fuel to the fire nor take advantage of itself and, as a responsible country, will do everything possible that advance the end of hostilities.

“Regarding the nuclear issue, all parties must remain calm and restrained and face the crisis together and effectively, truly considering their own future and that of all humanity,” the dignitary said.

Xi called for using the fact that there are now more rational deliberations and voices to create favorable conditions for a political solution to the conflict and ensure lasting peace and stability in Europe.

China – he went on – will work itself for an immediate ceasefire and the restoration of peace.

It was the first contact between the two leaders since the conflict began in February 2022, although Beijing has always opted to put Kyiv and Moscow at the negotiating table and support any initiative that leads to peace.

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